How can I apply to be a work exchange resident?

If you are interested in coming to Tuscany as a work exchange resident (not limited to writers or artists) please contact our Director: Julie Jolicoeur directly through the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website. Include a letter of intent, and indicate financial need, expressing to The Lemon Tree House jury why you might not otherwise be able to attend, the importance of this time away for your work, and the skills you have to offer in exchange. Work exchange positions cover between 800€ & 1300€ of residency fees, reducing the cost of the residency programs to 1300-1800€.

What is your refund/cancelation policy?

Full refund available three months previous to the dates of the residency. After that, there is only a full-refund in case of death of immediate family. There is no refund once the program begins. Fees are not prorated should the applicant arrive late or leave early. The 600€ deposit to secure your spot in the program is non-refundable.

How are attendees selected?

Admission is decided by a revolving jury of  writers & artists, as well as alumni and staff of The Lemon Tree House.  

Do you accommodate dietary concerns such as vegan, no pork, gluten-free, dairy-free?

Yes. We can and do accommodate most dietary requirements. You must include this information in the 'special requests' section of your application. Please notify us of all allergies, exemptions and special requests. We will check in with residents again closer to the residency to make sure nothing has been missed, but after that time the chef's preparation and menu will be much harder to change. It is best if we have all the information upfront in the early stages.

Do you supply arts materials, paper, pens, etc.?

We have easels, but otherwise do not supply arts materials, paper or pens. Each artist & writer is responsible for their own materials.  We can, however,  point you to supply stores in Rome, Florence and Arezzo - if you want to purchase supplies in Italy. There is also the possibility of mailing your supplies directly to the property but it must be arranged well in advance and noted that any late or lost delivery is not the responsibility of the Lemon Tree House.

Do you have studio space for my particular project?

The Lemon Tree House tries to supply all of its residents with space (in their rooms) to work.  However, the estate is full of corners - both indoors and outdoors - where writers are free to work.  We cannot provide all artists with large private studios for work, but we do our best to facilitate appropriate spaces when possible. Please email us ahead of time about studio requirements, material needs and expectations and we will do our best to accommodate. Writers are not offered separate work spaces, but can make use of the buildings, common spaces and grounds as desired.

What is The Lemon Tree House library?

Every year, we ask our residents to come with 1) a signed copy of their book (should they already be published authors) or a used copy of their favourite novel to contribute to our growing English library in Tuscany. The library is available for borrowing as well, stocked with the works of previous attendees and residents, travel and history books about Italy and the Italian language and novels galore. We ask only that all books be returned to the library before the last day of your residency.

Am I obligated to attend events, cocktail hours and craft talks, even dinner?

No programming at The Lemon Tree House is obligatory. Spend the time as you see fit, and please be considerate of how others may structure theirs. If you are on a roll, we completely understand if you prefer to opt out of certain aspects of the residency and we can even arrange for food to be brought to you. We can't, however, promise you won't be missing out on some great conversations!

Do I have to go on the day trip mid-residency?  

Any day trips are considered 'extras'.  This means that you may buy into this trip or opt out of it all together.  It is not included in your base costs.  There is no obligation to participate.

When you say 'housemate' does that mean I could be sharing a room with another artist?

The Lemon Tree House does not have roommates, nor does it allow for partners or children to attend (except under special circumstances, for WiR/AiR and always at the discretion of the directors).  Houses accommodate between 2 and 5 people, which each resident enjoying a private room, though many will share a washroom with their fellow housemates, and certainly all kitchens and living rooms are shared.  We ask that all residents be respectful of their housemates & shared spaces at all times.

If I've been wait-listed, will I receive an updated status e-mail closer to the residency dates?

If/when a spot becomes available for the program you've applied for, you will be the first to know.  Each person on the waitlist is assigned a number and the waitlist spots go to applicants in the order they are assigned.  You should expect to hear from us regardless of your application status one month prior to the program at the latest.

If I've been previously accepted, may I transfer my acceptance to another session?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, The Lemon Tree House can no longer transfer acceptances beyond a single session.  This means that should you be unable to accept your spot for the residency you've applied for, we will try to move you to the following session (Fall - Spring / Spring - Fall). Beyond that, regardless of your initial acceptance, we will ask you to fill out a new application, as there is a new jury and a different cohort. 

What can I buy at The Tuck Shop?

The Tuck Shop allows residents to order whatever their hearts desire from town: grocery, wine, pharmacy, tabacco, stamps, etc.  While you are working, our staff will look after the grocery shopping & deliver straight to your house at Camporsevoli so that you can focus on your work. Tuck Shop deliveries are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What should I bring with me to Italy?

The Lemon Tree House will provide all residents with clean linens (including sheets and towels - changed mid-stay) as well as a yoga mat for anyone who wants one.  

-Layers of comfy clothes & sweaters, favourite lap blanket or poncho for chilly nights outside & working away at your desk into the wee hours.

- All weather coat/jacket

-Slippers or flip-flops with hard bottoms for wearing around the house (old floors can be cold).

-Power adapters for Europe / Italy

-Shoes for walking through woods:  rubber boots / old runners you don’t mind tossing at the end of your trip are ideal.

-Headlamp or flashlight for night walks.

-Bathing suit & light towel (swimming pools will still be closed in April but there are hot springs nearby!)

-Your favourite coffee/tea mug

-Your housecoat (if you have one) & pyjamas - especially if you have roommates!

-One nice outfit & shoes for going into Florence, Siena, Montepulciano, Arezzo (if you like!)

-Hot water bottle (I never travel without mine - great for warming the sheets on chilly nights & recovering from jet lag / colds, etc)

-Pens & Paper/Notebook

-Your laptop

-Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, your toiletries (we provide dish soap, towels, toilet paper - the rest is up to you!)


-Warm socks

-Your favourite hat

-Sunscreen: The Italian sun can be aggressive at times, even in the fall & the spring!

Still have questions?