The Lemon Tree House is a residency program designed to encourage the creative, intellectual and personal growth of emerging and established artists, musicians and writers. The aim is to support creative process in a unique and historically rich environment, to devote time to your work, and to provide interesting opportunities for cultural exchange and development.

Whether you need that quiet time to complete a project, or hope to launch a new idea, The Lemon Tree House Residency is a perfect way to explore the creative process. Two full weeks of isolated artistic time with the benefit of one-on-one sessions with in-house instructors and international authors, conversational exchange with fellow attendees, nightly cocktail hour and dinner or just a quiet, beautiful space to get away and focus. At The Lemon Tree House Residency there is plenty of solitude in which to work, with the benefits of like-minded company in what we know can sometimes be a rather isolating pursuit.

The Lemon Tree House does not discriminate in its programs and activities against anyone on the basis of race, creed, colour, religion, national origin, gender, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, or marital status. We are, however, constrained by certain physical and environmental parameters, please read below to see if your practice fits our criteria. We are not currently wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions about the program, or how you might fit within it, contact us directly at

The Lemon Tree House currently supports the following disciplines:

Writing- Fiction, Non-fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Memoir, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting and Journalism.

Visual Arts-Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Books Arts, Conceptual Art, Digital Art, Film and Video, Illustration, Mixed Media, Fiber Arts.

Performing Arts- Songwriting, Performance, Performance Art, Choreography. 

NOTE: The Lemon Tree House cannot support artists who require a traditional studio, sound-proof quarters or specialized equipment. We can support work that takes place out of doors, in shared space, in domestic space, and by creative producers who can bring their own equipment and materials. 

The cost of The Lemon Tree House program is 2600€

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I think I got what I really needed at the LTH. Seeing the Italian countryside has affected me in sublime ways... For me, writing isn’t just “the actual writing,” which is, of course, the most important action. But living and experience and processing my writing while I’m “not writing” is writing to me. I know everything that has happened to me here will bleed into my writing.
— MELISSA SIPIN - 2015 Fall Lemon Tree
Rest assured Erinn and Julie will do everything humanly possible to make your stay productive and memorable. This is truly a unique opportunity for writers of any level to thrive and sit with their work in a stunning setting with a formidable history that breathes and haunts, creating a perfect storm for creativity.
— IBI KASLIK 2015 Lemon Tree WIR
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Overall, my writing experience was excellent. I wrote over 14k words and got a solid toehold into my new novel. I’m under contract and on deadline, so that’s a huge relief. It helped to have people who were also here to write.
— JENNIFER BRODY - 2015 Fall Lemon Tree
Erinn’s meals were UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING.
RL spaghetti.jpg
The meals were leisurely, scrumptious affairs with brilliant conversation. Each meal involved several courses which were prepared with love and served with care and attention to detail. The atmosphere in the dining room was lively and inviting, and full of camaraderie. The meals were a highlight of my days.
— NANCY DEGUERRE - 2015 Fall Lemon Tree
Pietro’s talk was interesting and out of the box, unlike what is currently being presented in most writing workshops, so it was good to see his point of view on point of view. I really loved Rosa’s talk too. I thought it was heartfelt, I learned so much, and really, I think the main point of these publishing talks is to learn to trust your own voice... And that’s what I learned from Rosa.
I love it here. Camporsevoli has so many hidden gems, including the infinity pool that I had no idea about last time. This place is filled with magic for so many reasons, the actual space being just one of them.