Please select the work you would like to contribute in exchange for a discount on your up-coming residency program up to 1300€ in compensation

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Dinner Service 19h00-21h30 daily
Compensation: 450€ for all days or 40€/dinner. Duties include: serving the three-course dinner to residents, following instructions of chef, clear between and after courses. (These residents still eat dinner at the same time but eat upstairs with staff in the dining room, between service. LTH discourages residents from taking all 12 days of this position as they will certainly miss out on some good dinner conversation!)
Tuck Shop Sorting & Delivery 12h-13h daily
Compensation: 250€ for the entire period. Duties include sorting & delivery of resident groceries & inputting order data into our system for billing.
Firestarter 16h30-17h30
Compensation: 250€ for entire period or 20€/day. Duties include: collecting kindling around the property & lighting and keep fires in common rooms.
Breakfast Server & Kitchen Helper 8h30-10h30
Compensation: 450€ for entire period or 35€/day. Duties include: keeping breakfast room tidy & clean, setting up for service, serving & clearing dishes, helping with cooking dishes and some occasional kitchen prep.
Kitchen Helper 16h30-18h30
Compensation: 450€ for entire period or 35€/day. Duties include: washing cooking dishes, cutting veg, prepping food, following instructions of chef, organizing food storage & keeping fridge clean, polishing cutlery & make roll-ups for dinner, sweeping floors daily & preparing the canapé trays for cocktail hour.
Bartender 18h30-19h30
Compensation: 420€ for entire period or 35€/day. Duties include: making & serving nightly cocktails as per cocktail menu, clearing all glassware afterwards, make note of inventory daily ( finished bottles, replacements needed)
Table Setting 16h-17h + replenishing flowers every 3 days.
Compensation: 300€ for entire period or 25€/day. Duties include: collecting and arrange flowers for table from the property, cleaning vases regularly & filling with new water, setting table for dinner (check w chef about meal plan & cutlery required), cleaning candelabras & replacing spent candles, prepping music, polishing cutlery, folding napkins when necessary.
Kitchen Laundry/Cleaning
Compensation: 250€ for entire period (must be done every other day). Duties include: washing & hanging towels & aprons to dry & iron aprons. Bringing clean/dry linens back to the kitchen.
Photographer (skill dependent)
Compensation: 250€ for entire period. Resident must have/bring own camera & be able to transfer files to Residency Directors at the end of the residency. Duties include: taking digital photos of residency- candid, food, craft talk, location. Taking the group photo on June 2 & group photos of directors, AiR & staff on the same day.
Social Media (skill dependent)
Compensation: 900€. Duties include creating simultaneous posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- (3 hours/per week for 4 months prior to/during residency: February - May)
Website Maintenance (skill dependent)
Compensation: 800€. Duties include: updating photos & announcements & Alumni news section of the website regularly with accolades & links. (4 months: February - May. 3 hours/week)
Alumni Magazine (skill dependent)
Compensation: 1300€. Duties include: contacting alumni for submissions: art & writing, assembling/editing/formatting text and photos for online publication with help from directors.
Compensation 600€ 2 hours/day Set your own schedule Must also attend Hive Mind meetings once/week for 3 hours

Please note: Work Exchange residents are able to cover a total of 1300€ max of their residency fees through our work exchange program.  Residents may select multiple jobs on-site (either by day or for the entire period depending on the job) and/or off-site duties run for the four months preceding the residency.  Those applying for the latter will have to apply for these positions individually as they are based on skill sets that require candidates to supply a sample of their work for approval. 

The Lemon Tree House cannot make any promises re: work preferences but we will do our best to put together a schedule that accommodates your needs, skill-sets and wishes.

In the event you should decide that you don't want to fill your allotted work hours, you will be owing the hourly wage/shift missed. 

Work Exchange Residents are required to give at least 24 hours notice in the event that they are unable to fulfill their duties and/or prefer to buy-back their hours.